Mobile App

Today’s computing and task management primarily revolves around smart phones in our hands. Having a solid mobile app to manage and account for all the school administration capabilities is one of the biggest benefits of edstem. Our mobile app is quick, precise, easy to use and robust, enabling the school staff and parents connected to the school and students anytime, anywhere, even on the go!


We provide customized mobile apps for different types of users like teachers, parents and school administration. Each of these mobile apps have unique features which will be of primary use to the specific users. The entire edstem online application is configured into easily accessible modules with each of these mobile apps, with rich, easy to use user interface.

The mobile app for the teachers would enable the teachers to perform all the academic functions like accessing and creating year plans, lesson plans, assessment creation, scoring and report cards. Additionally, the teachers will be able to record the attendance, write and access articles, school notices, diary and much more.

Parent app would ensure that the parents get notifications from the school regarding various activities much easier and faster. This is in addition to easy and efficient tracking of the child, online fee payment, accessing student activities and progress reports. The mobile app would also give a snapshot of the entire student record - academic and non-academic. The sibling linking and switch over is easy, and being constantly aware of the student activities would make the parent more connected to the school.

The mobile app for administration and management would enable the management to be in constant touch with the school functions and access to various reports - academic, attendance and other reports. Additionally, most of the management functions are made available in the mobile app, including communication with parents, managing class and subject set up and so on.