Multi-Curriculum Support

Indian (CBSE, ICSE), British, American, any other curriculum? edstem and its umbrella products supports all.


We are proud of our excellent capability to adapt to any curriculum in the world. The solution is indeed smart and has its heart and core firmly set in the Academics. The product is easily adaptable to any changes in the curriculum, as well as any localized changes made by a specific government for a particular curriculum..

The product is primarily designed for the Indian Curriculum of academics, primarily catering to CBSE and ICSE boards. All the academic and reporting requirements of these Boards are met in edstem with easy academic and non academic reports, mark entries for scholastic and co-scholastic activities, assessments, attendance recording, selection and segregation based on academics and much more.

edstem-BRIC is a unique product primarily aimed at helping the schools following the British Curriculum in academics. edstem-BRIC is powerful, with all the management and administrative capabilities of edstem integrated, along with British Curriculum specific tracking sheets, colour coded mark sheets based on teaching levels, multiple attendance and non-attendance reports specific to the Board and ADEC-Abu Dhabi, online groups and sharing and much more. The edstem-BRIC solution has its core developed from requirements set forward by teaching having scores of years of teaching experience in the United Kingdom.

We also partnered with the Al Rajhi group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and developed a real smart state of the art solution to be used in schools following American Curriculum in academics. The solution caters to all the academic functions, from online admissions, attendance, discipline, assessments, examination, progress reports, finance, MARC integrated library management and reporting, in addition to helping the schools get on with the long, tiring accreditation processes for American Boards like NEASC-USA and AdvancED-USA.