School Bus Tracking

School bus tracking while on transit and knowing the whereabouts of the students to and from the school has become one of the essential requirements for any modern school. It enables greater security and peace of mind.


We provide school bus tracking plugin that can be integrated to edstem. Also we provide a standalone product called uTraak an RFID integrated tracking solution which has been widely appreciated by schools in Middle East and India. uTraak comes with mobile app for parents as well as detailed secure online web application for the school.

uTraak solution provides efficient live tracking of the school bus. Additionally, parents are notified for every pick-up and drop-off activities. The solution is a boon to the school transport companies as well, as the same would ensure that no child is left back unintentionally in the bus. The trip histories can be viewed, with the routes taken. uTraak would also help in sending urgent messages in case of any untoward incidents, informing the school authorities for prompt action. The solution is also equipped with geo-fencing capabilities and speed monitoring, ensure an additional level of security for the transport of school children.

The uTraak solution provides easy adaptability features for the school buses and children, including dynamic change of routes and buses. Also, the solution provides wide range of reports, including student attendance based on bus, thus helping the school administration in a great way.