Core Modules

We believe a school management software should support the school in the best possible way, in administration, communication and academics. Below is a glimpse on some of our core modules.

Easy Admission Workflow

Configurable forms suiting your needs, with complete online admission workflow fully incorporated to the school website. Upload documents, verify for correctness, and admit new students - all in a jiffy!

Year Plans

A well organized and chartered academic calendar forms the crux of academics in every school. The academic calendar filled with the plan for the whole year forms the basis of academic planning for the school.


Notify parents on the child’s progress and happenings at the school. Involve more and evolve together as the child progresses through the school.

Lesson Plans

A school is mostly judged academically on how effectively the lessons are imparted by its teachers to the students, and how well the student understands what is being taught.

Online Fee Payment

Fee collection and fee payment are essential features both for the school and the parents. Keeping the fee details transparent and the collection easy and smooth would ensure that the school is able to manage the accounts in a better way, as well as the parents get to know the details of fees collected well in advance and can make necessary arrangements.


Assessments and tracking attainments over the years would be one of the basic goals in the academic front for any given school. Online assessments and scoring ensures transparency and reduces manual errors and omissions. It also ensures effective and selective communication of the results, as and when required.

Quick Student Search

One of the most important requirement for any software is to find all the details about a student real quick and easy. A student snapshot and then a detailed view would make the administration more efficient and would provide glimpses of the activity of the child in the school for the parent.

Progress Reports

Tracking the progress of the student academically is of utmost importance for both the school as well as parents. Assessing how the student fares over the year for every examination conducted gives parents and teachers a glimpse on where they would need to focus more, if need be.

Security Permission Matrix

Assign roles and allow access on the go. Ensure that there is no delay in getting a user on-board and also not to compromise on the security by correct assignment of levels of access.