Security Permission Matrix

Assign roles and allow access on the go. Ensure that there is no delay in getting a user on-board and also not to compromise on the security by correct assignment of levels of access.


Edstem takes pride in its security, with multiple levels of access across various modules. The success of any online solution hosted on cloud depends on the level of security in accessing the solution, as well as the ease of assigning compact configurable levels.

Edstem believes in run-time assignment of roles as and when required. The whole concept is plug and play, with customizable modules, and customizable levels within each module, ensuring that the right permissions are assigned to the right set of users easily and effectively.

The user security permission matrix enables the assignment of read, write, edit and delete permissions in various modules, along with custom functions in any modules literally a child’s play. The admin users of schools can easily decide the modules to be seen by each other type of users, as well as decide the level of permissions for the users. Even role creation has been made easy and simply by minimal clicks and interaction.