Assessments and tracking attainments over the years would be one of the basic goals in the academic front for any given school. Online assessments and scoring ensures transparency and reduces manual errors and omissions. It also ensures effective and selective communication of the results, as and when required.


Edstem supports online assessments, quizzes, assignments and much more. The assessments are customizable based on the school, solely integrated to the year plans set. Online assessments with question settings, scoring and auto-grading, quizzes and assignments, online mark entries and auto-grading, Edstem has it all!

Segregation of students to form into multiple streams, especially after Class 10th or schools following multiple curriculums (like CBSE and ICSE) can be time-consuming and challenging effort for the school. Edstem ensures that the score boards of the children based on the parameters set by the school are made available online, both for the school and the parents, thus ensuring transparency in the whole process.

Student leader board is an interesting feature in edstem, enabling the students to have a healthy competition and improve themselves in the areas that they are weak at. The easy to use User Interface for teachers for mark entry, exam template settings for the senior academic administrators – all makes it easy for the school to track a child’s scores in various examinations – online and offline. Multi-level review and approval system ensures that the room for manual error is minimal.