Lesson Plans

Teaching and learning forms the core of any reputed school. A school is mostly judged academically on how effectively the lessons are imparted by its teachers to the students, and how well the student understands what is being taught. Structured and consistent teaching can be achieved by well planned, crafted and detailed lesson plans.


For any given school, the mode of imparting the lessons can be quite challenging - both for the management as well as for the teachers. The school would like all its students to have more or less similar learning curve, and in no way would want the same to go low for specific sections, due to improper teaching methodologies.

Lesson Plans are of great help in structuring the lessons being taught in the whole academic year. Lesson Plans ensures that the chapters are well planned in advance, and the tools and aides to enhance the learning experience is well covered and documented for everyone to view, thus enabling other staff members to adopt the best practices in teaching.

Lesson planning using edstem involves creating of templates and guiding the teachers to achieve specific goals while imparting lessons. The same would ensure that the lessons are being imparted in a somewhat uniform manner, thus ensuring that the learning curve in different subjects are somewhat consistent and fall within the planned spectrum. The Lesson Plans are reviewed after the teachers send the same, and recommendations provided. The final refined lesson plans would ensure that the best possible plans are in place to ensure effective teaching and learning.