Progress Reports

Tracking the progress of the student academically is of utmost importance for both the school as well as parents. Assessing how the student fares over the year for every examination conducted gives parents and teachers a glimpse on where they would need to focus more, if need be.


Every parent would expect and would be delighted to know their child’s progress in various subjects over the academic year and would expect the same to be detailed, logical and transparent. It is specifically important in schools and curriculum which follow the grading and percentile systems in scoring, where grades can pose some questions among the teachers and parents.

Edstem supports detailed online progress reports, with custom requirements like school branding met in the best possible way. All the reports have multi level review and scrutiny, to ensure that the progress reports published to the parents are correct and transparent in the best possible way. Scheduled publishing of the progress reports ensures that the reports are available on the decided date for all the grades.

All the reports are downloadable and can be printed. Proficiency Certificates and other Certificates of merit can be easily generated, downloaded and printed. Edstem also supports notifications to the parents when the reports are published, and also enables selective publishing of these reports based on school’s discretion. These reports are supported with online graphs and charts and indicators on the child’s attainment in various subjects, as well as gives the clear indicator of the child’s progress in various curricular and co-curricular parameters.