Year Plans

A well organized and chartered academic calendar forms the crux of academics in every school. The academic calendar filled with the plan for the whole year forms the basis of academic planning for the school. Year Plans need to be concise and explanatory, both at the same time, enabling the teachers and the management a clear path to academics in the given year.


Academic planning for the school for any given year can be tiresome. Each school is required to develop an year plans for individual grades and classes that outlines how assessments are planned and undertaken for the current school year.

The year plan needs to include the planned examinations of the Board and should reflect the chapters, modules or portions planned for the particular examination. Using edstem, the templating for year plan can be done easily, and the module itself is flexible enough to accommodate runtime changes in templating, thus giving the section leaders or senior academic management wide scope for setting year plans specific to any granular level of grade or class.

The year plan structure would enable the teachers to pitch in their inputs, collaborate and send the same for review by the administrator. The additional level of scrutiny ensures that the year plans are consistent across classes of the same grade, all the more providing the senior academic management the helping as well as upper hand in managing the plan for the current academic year. The fluidic nature of the plans themselves ensures that any changes suggested by the board can be effectively accommodated easily. Also, communication of the same upfront to all the staff in the school ensures that the teachers are aware of their goals for the current academic year well in advance, thus ensuring better preparation and in turn, effective teaching. Setting examination dates based on the education board norms, communicating them effectively to the staff members to plan the portions well in advance would ensure effective teaching with proper planning.